Jul 3, 2009

‘ROOTS’ aw 09/10

My starting point was an old Romanian piece of cloth embroidered with geometric human figures. I turned the embroidered silhouettes into the outlines of my collection. In those outlines I attuned underwear shapes and reinterpreted Romanian hand embroidery.

The collection has two kinds of pieces: those that consist of a lot of hand labor and the industrial ones. The jackets are made using traditional techniques, hand sewing the canvas into the felt, without any fusing. Everything under the main fabric is hand sewn, giving the jacket shape and a longer life. The hand embroidery on the felt jackets is made using cutouts, layering and a lot of needle work. Those are unique pieces, made within days and days of work.

On the other hand, the same embroidery layout is turned into a digital print, expressing the exact opposite- the possibility to reproduce a piece into lots of identical ones. I chose all kinds of screws and pins to illustrate the automated, fast present world. The digital print has the purpose of quoting the unique, hand labored pieces in an approach that defines our times - multiplication.

Photos: Dan Samoila

Make-up: Marian Tanase

Nicoleta Cimpeanu

Hair: Marina Moldovan

Face accessories: Acarete for Andreea Badala

Shoes: Coca Zaboloteanu

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